We put one foot on God’s side and one on the side of human reasoning; then God widens the space until we either drop down in between or jump on to one side or the other. Oswald Chambers

The difficulty in life is the choice. George Moore

God regenerates us and puts us in contact with all his divine resources, but he cannot make us walk according to his will. Oswald Chambers

God asks no one whether he will accept life. This is not the choice. The only choice you have as you go through life is how you will live it. Bernard Meltzer

Choose to love—rather than hate
Choose to smile—rather than frown
Choose to build—rather than destroy
Choose to persevere—rather than quit
Choose to praise—rather than gossip
Choose to heal—rather than wound
Choose to give—rather than grasp
Choose to act—rather than delay
Choose to forgive—rather than curse
Choose to pray—rather than despair.
God always gives his very best
to those who leave the choice with him. James Hudson Taylor

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